Carbon Fiber Trekking Pole with Cork Handle (Single Pole)

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This Carbon Fire Trekking Pole features a natural cork and EVA handle that is designed to provide extra sweat protection with a long ergonomically designed handle to instantly change pole height.  Adjustable nylon straps are padded for optimal comfort while maneuvering

Pole shaft features ultralight carbon fiver with Kevlar, which is extremely durable and difficult to deform

External speed lock mechanism flicks open and locks quickly in order to adjust poles as needed with no hassle.

Handle Material:  Cork and EVA
Stick Tip: Carbon Tungsten Steel
Handle: Straight Grip Handle
Shaft Material: Carbon Fiber
Joint Number: 3
Damping System: yes
Length (cm): 25.5in-53in

Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery to the U.S.

Shipping times to other countries will vary (inquire if necessary).